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Learn the Art of Studio Recording.


UPDATE: We have reworked our program and now offer it at a fraction of the cost! We’ve also greatly reduced the time commitment! Our class now only requires 3 hours per week and the price has dropped from $2500 to $997.

Classes are now open for our widely popular Introduction to Audio Engineering recording program.

This all inclusive part time 12 week course will get you up and running in no time.

Our next class is scheduled to begin September 2019.

Get in touch for more class dates. 

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Make Beautiful Recordings. We’ll Show You How.

Whether you’re working with top of the line equipment or getting set up at home we are certain this is a great course for you!

Our Introduction to Audio Engineering course was created for you by industry professionals with decades of experience. The course provides an excellent balance between essential practical knowledge and hands on training in our fully equipped recording studio.

Our Introduction to Audio Engineering course features:

Affordable Pricing

Our course creates a unique solution for those looking to get into audio recording, but not wanting to break the bank. This program is excellent for both those with a desire to pursue a career in the industry as well as those who just want to improve their home recordings. 

Part Time Classes

Time is becoming more precious each day. We have created our course to be effective with the minimal amount of time commitment from our students.

Hands On Training

There’s no better way to learn than by doing. You’ll be working with many industry standard pieces of equipment, setting up and recording many instruments and putting it all together for your final mix exam.

Small Class Sizes

At our recording school, we keep our class sizes small to ensure everyone gets their share of time.

You Don’t Have to Spend Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

Our course will get you up to speed in no time at a fraction of the cost.

In fact a recent graduate of our program went on to one of the most prestigious recording schools in the country and upon returning said “I should have saved my money. They just told me the same things I learned at the School of Recording Arts”


  • The recording school creates an environment where the student is placed in a professional position, learning to deal with real world clients and situations. Understanding the hardware technology and applying that knowledge to current professional standards is the key.

    This course covers it all.

    MusicianRobert D. Goodman, CD, BscGraduate
  • For me it was a combination of microphone selection, microphone placement and understanding various microphone capabilities. Also, learning how to develop a clearly defined goal for a project and then make the correct choices to get you there.

    I confess that when I started recording on my own before the course, I was a fix it in the mix guy. I think the single most important thing I learned is to always get it right before you ever hit record, and what's right, isn't always what you think it would be.

    Only years of experience can get you that knowledge, but here you'll get it in just a short while.

    ProducerDIon BeuchmanFoxhill Records
  • I completed the Sound Recording Academy for audio engineering at The Music Factory and loved it.

    Not only is it a well equipped studio, it equipped me with knowledge on recording and mixing that I never knew was possible.

    It's perfect for someone looking to expand their knowledge, try it out, go onto bigger things, or simply to help further their home recording ventures.

    Chad is a great guy and very approachable as an instructor. He has been in the business for a long time and knows everything you would want to know and more.

    Class sizes are small and the course is very affordable for someone skeptical about jumping into the $10,000 dollar college courses where you would not receive the same amount of 1 on 1 time with the engineer.

    I would highly recommend the course to anyone passionate about music, production, and recording.

    MusicianJeff WatkinsGraduate

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