Introduction to Audio Engineering

The Recording Process Simplified

Creating successful recordings is about making the right decisions from the start: before the microphones come out. Understanding how sound waves work arms you with powerful information to make the best choices and get it right the first time.

Topics covered:

  • How sound works
  • Room acoustics and treatment
  • Microphone types and placement
  • Instrument setups
  • Song writing and copyright
  • Critical listening
  • Computer and pre-amp selection and set up
  • Pre-production
  • Recording various instruments
  • MIDI
  • Editing tools and techniques
  • Mix tools and techniques
  • Mastering over view
  • And much more


The Introduction to Audio Engineering Program starts at the very beginning and takes you through every step of the recording process. No prior experience is necessary.


The course runs for 3 hours per week for 12 weeks. Regular class times to be mutually agreed upon by the students. Your final grade will be based on various tests during class as well as a final mix exam.

Scheduling is very flexible. Typical classes run evenings and weekends, but if everyone is in agreement alternate times can be set by the students.

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